Sorry for this stupid question

What do I need for compile opengl??

(I repeat, sorry mates, but I’m only 15 years old :P)

You need some libraries to link:

you need also opengl32.dll to be in your system directory
and some header files to include:

If you’re working with VCC, you should put lib files into VCC lib directory and header files into a \GL directory in VCC include directory.

That’s all I think.

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Glut makes glaux useless (glaux is no longer supported), and if you like to write programs using win32 api you don’t have to use glut.
Now if you have win95 release b or older, you already have the dlls in your system.

opengl32.lib, gl.h
glu32.lib, glu.h
Optional: glut32.dll,glut32.lib,glut.h

If you use borland’s compiler you have to convert lib files with implib.

Once you’ve got your .dlls linked, head over to

One of the best resources on the net.

Good luck!

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Sorry but… where can I get those libraries?


If you are working on Microsoft, you should have them. Just include them in your list of libraries to your linker and you should be home free.

In VC++ 6:
Build > Settings > Link > Put opengl32.lib, glu32.lib, glaux.lib (or whatever) in the Object/library modules list.