sorry for disturbing u all , but i need ur help badli

I was trying to verify the effect of scaling the surface normals, but instead of some change in the lighting effect, the object ( which is a cube ) shape is getting distorted.
My code is like this-

  1. setting unit normals for the object using
  2. calling glScale with some value to scale the normals
  3. and then drawing the object.
    As a result of this the object is getting scaled. Why its happenin

I have rendered another object like this

  1. calling the first two steps above
    then calling glEnable ( GL_RESCALE_NORMAL ) And then drawing the object.
    the result is same , the object getting distorted.

Using the glScale commands multiplies the current matrix (ModelView most of the time) with a scaling matrix.

That means that both the normals AND the vertices will be scaled: it is perfectly normal for the object to be scaled as well. However, if the scaling is uniform, you shouldn’t have any distortion…

I don’t know how to scale only the normals…



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as eric saiz using the same number in each place of glscale eg glScale(3,3,3) will result in uniform scaling but something like glScale(3,1,3) will result i distortion.

the only way to scale normals would be to go glNormal3f(n.x3,n.y3,n.z*3) though why u would want to do this is a mystery

thanx ERIC and ZED for solving my problem.