Sony VAIO How to update?

You all probably already answered to thi question but iI still need to know.

I tried to open the software called HitFilm Ultimate and it tells me that i need to update OpenGL and OpenGLSL. I went on my graphic card(Intel Graphic HD) manufacturer website wich redirected me to Sony’s website. Then i had a chat with technical support and they said it was a thid party software(Open GL) and that I should contac Open GL.

So what do i do now???

Ha, ha, ha!!!
To contact OpenGL? What does it mean? :slight_smile:
If you have an Intel’s card then Intel is responsible for the drivers. Nevertheless, the manufacturer should offer the most suitable drivers for all their models through the official website. But, as you have probably already read, having an Intel’s graphics card means only problems with advanced OpenGL usage.

thank you!
but it still sucks…

Indeed your software seem to have strong requirements in terms of graphic cards :

What exact model of intel graphic HD do you have ?

There is a combination of problems :

  • Intel graphic hardware is not top of the top, even if less crappy each year
  • Intel graphic drivers are clearly weak, both in stability and features
  • on a laptop, the drivers are more complex to upgrade, and often limited by the laptop make, ie Sony in your case.

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