something like glew for core OpenGL 3.3


Is there something like glew that I could use that would hook up just core OpenGL 3.3 and nothing else or is this something everyone does by hand?

here’s a link to a python script that downloads the gl3 header file and creates a gl3w.h and gl3w.cpp file. You have to include both into the project but it’s definitely gl3/4 only functions though EXT are not there I think (assuming this is windows).


there’s an example on how you init the functions here:

There is also this C++ library, it supports both compatibility and core contexts plus all extensions from the registry. It also supports windows extensions (WGL) and linux extensions (GLX). The library is generated from the .spec files in the registry via python scripts. There are namespaces for all compatibility and core versions up to OpenGL 4.1.

Example use cases here: glxx wiki

The last download tag is here: glxx v0.2