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Sorry for reposting, but my old question was this:

I want to tesselate a non-convex polygons using the glu routines.

  1. How can I obtain the tesselation trinagles’ vertices in the same vertex order of the given original polygon.

  2. Is it necessary to have an OpenGL context created to proerly call the tesselator routines, because I don’t use any OpenGL commands?

Now if you expertise don’t think so, then here’s another question:

How to select a three vertices of a convex polygons such that their order is the same that of the polygon?


  1. Write your own.

  2. Try it and see.

“3.” If you can’t figure out how to preserve the order of vertices, give up now.

wismak, after reading your last thread you should have known not to post this. You continuously bumped your own threads, please don’t abuse the forum. If you don’t get an answer then don’t keek bumping, if your thread is closed my a moderator then DO NOT restart it.