some of my meshes's polygons disappear !(not resolved)

i have this problem under 3d studio max and also in my opengl program which read datas thanks a .3ds loader. When i don’t have a problem with polygon in my program, i have a black screen but some .3ds files in which i read works well.
What do you think about it ?

I guess some models arent centered around the origin and all the verticies come with an offset.

Center the model after loading it and everything should be fine.

thanks ! how do you think i should do (to center after loading) ? with a glTranslate or it exist a feature of 3d studio max ? do you that there a link with my problem of lighting here?;f=2;t=018470

i have taken a look to one mesh with 3ds max and this one don’t seem to be far of the center, are you sure ?

i 've tried to translate along z axis but some polygons are still missing :frowning: