Some kind of weird nVidia GL + YouTube bug?

I was trying to debug random crashes when opening a context via the latest GLFW and it seems that when running a YouTube video with hardware acceleration enabled in Flash, my program crashes to desktop. (taking GDB with it) Even if I tab away from it (causing overall CPU use to drop below 5%, so it is not a matter of race conditions, etc.) this continues. It seems to affect certain other GL programs such as Blender, but there is no obvious pattern. If I put a long delay between glfwInit and glfwOpenWindow, it doesn’t happen. Same if I close all hardware accelerated Flash video. Latest drivers, 9500GT. Disabling threaded optimization had no effect. Any suggestions?

(oh, sorry, W7-32)

And your OS is ?

I’ve discovered the cause. It would appear that on nVidia’s GL implementation, if you forget to free resources, they are left on the card. 13 hours of developing an application which accidentally leaves 1mb of texture unreleased slowly fills the card to the point at which contexts fail to open, texture allocations fail, display lists fail to compile and hardware accelerated video playback messes up.

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