solid modeling?

Does anyone know how to do solid modelling?
i know using stencil buffer in opengl can construct a csg model but i don’t want this. I want the real calculation of the model which i can export it to other format like entities polyline(polymesh) in dxf format or wrl (virtual reality format).
i know its not easy to do solid modelling, i just need the hints. Can anyone tell me, like the author, website or papars they publish. Thanks

OpenGL only deals with visualization. If you want solid-modeling try

Have you tried to search your local University library? There are couple books published (10?) years ago about solid modeling. There is an ACM soild modeling conference held every two years. You can read the papers from this conference if you are interested in the most recent academic research.

Where Can we find these papers.
I have also launched this problem in several forums but I didn’t get really helpfully answers!

I’m also very interested. I managed to subtract one object from another but when I want to subtract another object from this result it failed!
Is it possible to use OpenCascade with VB?
Any source or reference is welcome!