software like ...

hello… im just wondering whether there is a software like visual c++ or codewarrior metrowerks in unix invironment for developing, compiling and runnig opengl programs… anybody knows?

I haven’t used this myself, but I’ve heard good things about it:

It’s written for Gnome, you may prefer a KDE environment instead, in which case:


I have used both of these products. They both work fine and are very much the same as the windows studios and both work on the KDE desktop. Also I do believe that metrowerks make an IDE for linux.

As many people will you: Linux is an IDE :wink:
imo al you need is a good editor. I prefer SciTE for my code. A debugger, gdb. And if you like a gui frontend, you might want to take a look at “ddd”. I think using gdb directly is better due to limetations in ddd. And ofcourse a compiler :wink: gcc (g++).
But if you really really want an IDE badly, kdevelop is what you will like. It has a lot of handy futures… which you’ll probably never use but look cool :stuck_out_tongue:
But take my advise and use the tools I mentioned seperated.
Good luck to you.

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