socket programming

Hi everybody,
I’m currently develop a multiplayer game which have 4 pc’s participated with one server. The game theme is treasure hunt. So my problem is how can i implement socket programming so that all the pcs can share data from the server. Any ideas please let me know it n thanx everybody…

This is a joke right? Your question is WWWAAAAAAYYYYYY off topic. Please take this to the forums.


Reply to sirKnight, what i’m tryin to say is how this kind of method can be implemented using openGL. Sorry if this subject too general just want to share any idea if anyone have try it in openGL applications.

OpenGL stands for Open Graphics Library - Not Open Sockets Library.

what this book doesn’t have on writing network code isn’t worth knowing; it is phenomenal. It has nfo on connection-less and connection-orientated sockets, FIFOs, shared memory, and a host of other things. I read this book when I coded network stuff (including, incidentially, an opengl renderer hanging off the results of a simulation from the network). It explains things properly, rather than the annoying and inept way of explaining ideas with annotated code (although it has code examples). It is brilliant.

oh, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with opengl, but I just thought i’d share my enthusaism for this book.


I think you should think of using Multicast sockets (look for it) ^^ for a real-time game…