Smoothing, masking, or blending?

hello, what is the simplest way of converting
a bunch of polygons like these


im prolly missing something simple…
the polygons have 15 diferent color variations,
i did the polygons like this

); //
   glVertex3f(P.X,  P.Y,     height);
   glVertex3f(P1.X,  P1.Y,     height);
   glVertex3f(P3.X,  P3.Y,     height);
   glVertex3f(P2.X,  P2.Y,     height);


Hi !

If you need sharp edges between the color zones it mightbe a little more difficult, turning on “smooth” mode will interpolate between the colors to blend the colors together, but as I said, you will not get sharp edges between the colors.


so, what are my options, thats about the only thing i got left to figure out…i need somebody to point me the right way. :slight_smile:


A first try :

glColor4ubv(color); //
glVertex3f(P.X, P.Y, height);

glColor4ubv(color1); //
glVertex3f(P1.X, P1.Y, height);

glColor4ubv(color3); //
glVertex3f(P3.X, P3.Y, height);

glColor4ubv(color2); //
glVertex3f(P2.X, P2.Y, height);