Smooth Rotation and Translation


Does anybody know how to make a fast and smooth rotation and translation for camera?

I’m going to make my first 3D game using glut. I want to make my camera turn and move faster but if I use greater angles of rotation and translation, it is not smooth enough. I want to make it smooth as the game that we ordinary play. Must I use interpolation??

Interpolation? Won’t that just give you smaller increments for rot/trans, what else are you going to interpolate?
Efficient code, with high frame rate and small increments
Slow code, low frame rate and large increments…

sorry! :slight_smile:


I agree with Gavin, you need high framerates to move faster and smooth.
But if simply using angle and position increments doesn’t give your game a natural movement (even with high fps) you should “filter” the camera movements, for example with a moving average.

Effects such as motion blur will help give the illusion of a smooth, but quick rotation/movement.

Teofuzz,thanks for your advice.I’ll try on the ‘filter’.

Dark Helmet,how to make motion blur?What about performance?Is it fast?I’m not good at math

The effect is probably because you are using glut the wrong way with the keyboard input. Check out this tutorial for more information

I’ve go to that site and I think I’m not making any mistake with my keyboard input. I’ve disable the key repeat function. By now, I satisfied with my camera translation but not its rotation.The rotation is very poor for me.Sometimes the screen become flickering when I turn my camera.I don’t think that my display card is that poor.Because many games run well on my PC.

For your information,I use PIII 450,128 RAM,Vodoo3 2000.I have also installed glsetup 117. The whole objects in my project has approximately 1000 polygon only. No bump mapping,flare,shadows,collision detection or any advance technique.I’m really new to opengl

Can somebody could please see my code? Give me your mail and I’ll send it to you.Sorry,I’ve no homepage

Even a 1000 polygons could make a ‘slower’ computer have a poor performance. The only way to have better rotation is to make it run faster. I know this from my own experience.

You mean my PC is very poor?How come?Maybe it’s old but it’s not that bad right?I’ve play many games that have higher resolution and higher polygon but they run well.I’m not demanding to have a perfect rotation but I’ll be satisfied if I could rotate my camera as smooth as the game that i’ve played.

If your program is running in a window,you’re going to get poor performance with a voodoo 3 under GLUT.You might want to try making your application fullscreen—I had a voodoo 3,and glut in windowed mode was very slow.Hardware acceleration doesn’t kick in on the Voodoo 3 unless you’re in full screen mode.

Yes, I’m in fullScreen. But it’s not about fullScreen or not since I use glSetup. Even my project in window mode,it’s still hardware accelerated.I can guarantee that.