Slug Production : T3D (UnrealEd 2.0) ==> Easy file ! for Level Editing


I’ve finish a program to convert a .T3D file from UnrealEd 2.0 into a simple file.

It’s works !

I’ve not made many test but the program can convert a .T3D file into a simple file to use.

File in :

Begin Map
Begin Actor Class=LevelInfo Name=LevelInfo1
End Actor
Begin Actor Class=Brush Name=Brush1
Begin Brush Name=Brush
Begin PolyList
Begin Polygon Item=Sheet Flags=264
Origin +00128.000000,+00128.000000,+00000.000000
Normal +00000.000000,+00000.000000,-00001.000000
TextureU -00001.000000,+00000.000000,+00000.000000
TextureV +00000.000000,+00001.000000,+00000.000000
Vertex +00128.000000,+00128.000000,+00000.000000
Vertex +00128.000000,-00128.000000,+00000.000000
Vertex -00128.000000,-00128.000000,+00000.000000
Vertex -00128.000000,+00128.000000,+00000.000000
End Polygon
End PolyList
End Brush
End Actor
End Map

File out :

TextureU -1.000000,0.000000,0.000000
TextureV 0.000000,1.000000,0.000000
Vertex 128.000000,128.000000,0.000000
Vertex 128.000000,-128.000000,0.000000
Vertex -128.000000,-128.000000,0.000000
Vertex -128.000000,128.000000,0.000000

There is a “Config.txt”.

In this file, you’l find the first word to beginning the conversion and the number is the lignes number to read.

Where might we be able to download this?

You can look into his details.


I was looking into that format a few months ago but found it a little tricky. It worked for simple levels I made my slef but as soo as you had thousands of polygons or it wasn’t my level my converter failed.

Do you also export the sound and other info or only polygons?

Having a look now.


Err, I can’t download it? I can download some of the other stuff.



I’ve tested the links and it’s works.

Sorry bu I can’t seem to download it from the link…? it says the file is missing or something


still can’t download it but looking at your output data, sure seems good. It will be a lot better if you also included the normal aswell coz its very helpful for lighting and collission detection, although we can calculate it our selves but whats the use if we already know the normals.


Still can’t download it, also the page doesn’t look to good under Netscape.


I’ve found the problem. I’ve not download the files on the FTP.

Nom it’s works.

For NetScape, I’m sorry, I’ve made my site under Word 2000.

I’ve made a second version of T3D program.

Now, the program makes 2 files :

  • The vertex list
  • A file containing the number of the polygones.

Downloaded it all now and it all works fine. An English versiopn would be good? However there is some information that is still needed such as the texture name flags and UV off sets. once that is done it will be very good.


I’l do that this night and I’ll post the version ths night too.

Maybe i’m missing something here… isn’t there a way to tell which texture is mapped on to the polygon? Your program gives the texture coordinates, normal and vertices but we dont know which textures to load and which texture is being applied on the current polygon.

Is there a way to know that?



I’ll do that when I’ll have more time.

For the moment, I’ve no enough time to do this but if someone would help me, why not

I’d like to help you out with my suggestion . O.K. What can I do. I need to find some specs on unreal map files, where can I get them. I suppose you have already searched for them so you know.