Slug 3D 0.6a - Technologic Demo - Please try ...

Test our technologic demo (355 Ko). See on our site for more informations.

But, for us, the most amazing thing it’s the Rocket with Per Pixel Lightning in Realtime …

Well, per pixel lighting doesn’t work on the test boxes here at work, because you’re using the GL_NV_VERTEX_PROGRAM extension, and we’ve got Radeon video cards. Also, it took me several tries to figure out where the “rocket” was, it was difficult to notice.

Frame rates were over 60, and it looks pretty good. Thanks for sharing your demo.

OK to adapt the code for the Radeon but how ?

Someone can do it for me ?

For the Rocket, it’s a sphere who is moving in the world.

But the rockets lights each polygon.

Instead of GL_NV_VERTEX_PROGRAM, perhaps you can adapt your code to use ARB_VERTEX_PROGRAM, whish should hopefully work on all cards that support this extension.