Slow navigating large scenes?

I’ve read a few tutorials by NeHe and from what I see navigation in the 3D scene is done by redrawing the whole scene and changing the initial transform.

I modified the code so that the DrawGLScene function draws its stuff around 100 times (then swap the buffer, no swapping 100 times), and the navigation becomes almost impossible. Slow and blocky. And that’s only for 500 polygons not rendered by texture (color only).

I’m trying to make a viewer for a large 3D scene (maya/3ds max style but obviously not as complicated). Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong?

P.S. I’m using MFC to do this stuff since later I’ll be adding controls and dialogs. I call the DrawGLScene from OnIdle function of the CWinApp class. I believe that’s essentially the same thing as calling it when no messages arrive.

Take a look at Display3DS for a related example.

It’s MFC compliant, demonstrates basic scene navigation, loads 3DS meshes, and is simple for a beginner to start with.

That site doesn’t seem to work. Maybe it’s just today.

Does now. Never mind.