Sliding box / sphere collision

Hello Is there any sliding collision example I could look at? I couldnt find any in the net I guess this is the right place to ask ? - Im working with C but any C++ code wont hurt me as I just got to learn the basics in logic of how sliding collision works.

I want box and sphere collision but with sliding capabilities I hope you understand what I mean… checking collision between 2 objects aint that hard but how do you slide the object? say if you collide, you dont want to go backwards and then keep on forward…

This is the wrong place to ask :wink: Maybe try the math forum?

Ehh… I’m a “beginner” and i’m with Opengl, how come this is the wrong place to ask??..

Why people loves to bother others instead of help?

If you want some help, then first ask at the good place: you won’t speak about ecology in a maths forum for example.
People are here to help not to bother you. This was an advice nothing else. Most people expect to have questions about a specific subject, they do that for free, in their free time and that’s somewhat a waste of time for them to read something they weren’t expecting. A comment like the one above (or mine) is made for helping you finding a solution to your problem, just because not all people know all about everything you know not to bother you.

So, does ‘sliding collisions’ has something to do with the GL library ? I guess no.
Anyway, some hints, this looks more like mathematics (and even best physics). So try over there, there might have someone that will help you.

What Jide said ^^^

My comment above was intented to help you realize that, for this and future posts, off-topic threads are generally considered bad form. For starters, if the forum were riddled with all manner of topics, it would be difficult for those seeking help with opengl to find an answer amid all the chaff. Secondly, your question might help someone else seeking the same answer in the appropriate forum. Or better still, your question has already been answered in the appropriate forum.

Logically, the assertion that you need “X” and use opengl is akin to stating that you need some cheese puffs and you use opengl. There’s no inherently favorable association here other than good taste in food products and graphics APIs :wink:


P.S. Use google. Heck, the Quake3 engine is open source now. There be some serious sliding going on in that game! There’s tons of stuff on physics/collision out there.