slerp - Quaternion Interpolation


I’m on slerp Funktion and Quaternion Interpolation.My Problem is how I get the two Quaternions q1 and q2 from two Points p1 and p2?
What i’m looking for is the two Quaternions for the slerp Funktion?

Can anyone show my, the way for the Quaternions with my Points p1 = (1,0,0) and p2 = (0,1,0)?

Thank you!

Quaternions are used for rotations interpolations, so they cannot handle directly positions interpolations

A very simple position interpolation (cf. linear interpolation) between two 3D positions A and B is

linearinterpolation(A, B, t) = A + (B-A)*t

where 0 <= t <= 1
(this return A where t=0 and B where t=1)

Of course, more complex positions interpolations schemes can be used such as explained at