it is possible to implement vertex blending (aka skinning) without shaders? exist some effective extension related to this?


There is an extension (GL_ARB_matrix_palette) but AFAIK it is not supported by any vendor nowadays. Why would you want to avoid using shaders? Another option is to do skinning on the CPU.

I guess the ARB_vertex_blend extension could fit your needs but it’s not supported on my Radeon HD2400. Chances are that it is not supported on GPU with shaders.

because i’m targeting legacy hardware.

What is “legacy hardware”? Vertex shaders are supported since gf3, and it came out in 2001! Or do you still develop for Riva TNT and stuff?

are you mean that ARB_vertex_blend and ARB_matrix_pallete extensions are not wide supported? why OpenGL does not support vertex blending in the core API, like Direct3D?

woow, i did not know that,i see now i´m very outdated in graphics cards (maybe because i´m developing on a Intel Brookdale-G (low cost integrated graphics card, year 2004))

The vertex_bled and matrix_palette were dropped in favor to vertex shaders, this is why they are not supported by most GL implementation (it was not trivial to support them). But your intel card probably does not support T&L in hardware anyway, so you should use the CPU for skinning…

i see.

thanks zengar for your help.