So where is the vertex weights on the MAC X ? How do you do skinning on a MAC HW without using vertex programs. No Vertex weight extension at all ???

Bad ! or how do you do it ?

Vertex weighting is only available via vertex programming at this time.

No vertex weights on the Mac? Does Win32 provide a vertex weighting API or something? Afaik, vertex weighting can be achieved directly on the CPU using relatively simple maths; although these days it’s best to do it on the GPU.

there are two fixed-function extensions for doing hardware skinning: GL_ARB_vertex_blend and GL_ARB_matrix_palette.

The Mac supports ARB_vertex_blend (for use with ARB_vertex_program), but not ARB_matrix_palette, so no fixed-function hardware skinning is possible.

You can, however, use a vertex program to achieve the same effect, and it will be hardware-accelerated on most cards these days.

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