Skewing of glut primitives problem!

Im currently making a human model that can be animated. for some reason when i rotate the model about the torso in any axis (x, y or z) the model becomes skewed. I use glut primitives (glutSolidSphere and glutSolidCube) for the model. When i say skewed i mean that the objects are displayed out of proportion, for example the head instead of being a sphere of radius 1.5, it becomes and oblong. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what could be causing this because ive been working on it for hours!!

Thanks for you help, link664

Hello there
I think the projection matrix is responsible for the sqewing better post your code here so we will be able to better comprehend the problem.

Yup, you probably have an excessively wide field of view specified so things look skewed because your viewing relationship with your display is nothing like the field of view specified by your projection.