Simplest but modular program made in OpenGl 2.0

Hi Guys,

I have been working lately to understand and run a very basic but yet the most modular project that can help
any new bee start with successful use of OpenGL2.0 in Windows[ATTACH]566[/ATTACH][ATTACH]567[/ATTACH][ATTACH]568[/ATTACH][ATTACH]569[/ATTACH][ATTACH]570[/ATTACH][ATTACH]566[/ATTACH][ATTACH]567[/ATTACH][ATTACH]568[/ATTACH][ATTACH]569[/ATTACH][ATTACH]570[/ATTACH].
I am attaching the source code for the same made in Microsoft Visual Express 2012

Remove .txt from all the files except fragement_shader.txt and vertex_shader.txt.
Follow this Dir structure to to build this projet successfully in Visual Express 2012.
inside SourceFiles: Triangle.cpp, Utils.cpp
inside Resources: fragment_shader.txt, vertex_shader.cpp
inside Header Files: Utils.h

If there’s a question in there, I couldn’t see it…

I guess it’s not a question but meant to help anyone who wants to start learning a 10 year old version of OpenGL.

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