Simple VB6 & OpenGL Question

How does one great a sphere (or two or three or 100) at a location, give them a color, and then move them to a new spot. I have am a huge newbie with OpenGL and I have looked at code for VB and OpenGL, and I simply can’t get it to work. People I have talked to have said that it isn’t hard, but I am at a lost.

My set-up is simple, a form, a picture box and a data points. I want to create a sphere (or even just a point) for each body of an N-Body sim and move the sphere to the next data point.

Anyone willing to help a new guy out?

Hi !

Sorry, never use VB so I cannot help you with that, do you have OpenGL running on VB ?, or do you need to help with that to ?

I have seen some tutorials on using OpenGL with VB (try google to find them).

If you look at this website you will references to tutorials and other information on OpenGL, you should have a look at them, OpenGl works the same way if you are using VB or any other language.