Simple question on modern GLSL of OpenGL 3.1+

edit: nevermind, it was the .xyz component needing separation.

I’m a beginner in this so this ought to be simple,

I can’t seem to be able to scale my input at all. Why?

void main() { 

    gl_Position = PerspectiveViewMatrix(90.0, AspectRatio, 0.1, 100.0)  
        * TranslationMatrix(0, 0, -4 -0.04*MouseWheel)      
        * RotationMatrix(MouseMovement.y, X_AXIS)           
        * RotationMatrix(-MouseMovement.x, Y_AXIS)  
        * TransformationMatrix 
        * in_Vertex
        * scaling_factor(min, max);

It’s on ‘#version 330 core’

Now, even if I replace scaling_factor(min, max) with a number, say 0.02f, the final rendering size remains same.

What do I miss?

Could it be something in the application forcing it that way?

I move around matrices; I leave it alone etc, final rendering size remains same.

e.g. vec4 new_Vertex = normalize (in_Vertex); didn’t work either.

The scene otherwise renders properly, e.g. movement and objects.

edit: same even if factor is put in front of input vertex.