simple pick and pan framework


does anyone have a suggestion for a good simple platform independent OpenGL framework that is suitable for building a minimalistic polyhedron editing environment?

i am trying to find or build a simple platform-independant opengl-based framework for interacting with 3d polyhedra. i need support for multiple vieports, picking, and interactive pan, zoom, rotate etc.

my preference would be something using python. i have played around quite a bit with PyOpenGL and wxPython, also looked at zoe and soya3d, but i have not yet been able to extract the bits that i need, i.e support for camera and picking, and plug them into the wxPython environment.

thank you very much for any ideas!



For platform independence I use SDL (

I don’t know about python.

As far as drawing polygons just fallow some tutorials on openGL and you should find your way.

Many of the tutorials on are translated into many versions including SDL.

I bet if you search for view ports in the forum you will find something.

For camera movements is use GLU’s gluPerspective function. (NeHe also covers this I believe)