simple objects

I’m loading a simple array that has vertex data for a cube.
The origin is (0,0,0) i presume but i have tried hard to get someting to the screen but there has been no success!
the array is something like this

point3 points[] = {8273,234,234}…{2i37,435,31)…

point3 is a stucture with three valuues x,y,z. the numbers are double float (those are not the exact numbers).


how you render them?
to draw simple points use:

  1. the simples way:
    class point {float x,y,z;} array[50];
    for(int i =0; i<50; n++) {
    (don’t take close to heart)
  2. use vertex arrays
    can’t remember right now how to do… sorry
    if you want to draw cube with faces using indices… hey did you check any of NeHe’s tutorials( - they explain that all…
    i could only say that holding points like you do is not a good way…

What do you mean ‘loading’ the points? Are you reading them in from a file? Is your data read in correctly before attempting to do any rendering?

Does your rendering code work for other points/data?


not loading from a file, but a .cpp file
with an array of points.

the rendering code works i checked it

I think a glFlush(); should do the trick.
You dont seem to be sending the statements for execution.
Could probably put the code here for better exmination of your problem.