Show me some light...


I am very new to openGL. Can you please help me where i can find good Doucmentations with examples(online)on how to start with openGL and what is the software/language to use to generate coding in OpenGL.
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You probably want to use C/C++.

You can get an excellent free compiler/IDE called Dev-C++ from

If you don’t know C or C++ you should learn that fairly well before trying OpenGL. When you are reading for OpenGL, goto for tutorials.

nehe is a not a good place to learn opengl in my opinion. He skips around A LOT, and admits he does… I’d go to his site, and on the left side there are a bunch of links… click on the “The Red book” one, it should be in bold. Start yourself there, or if you have some cash, buy yourself the real one! (the real online is a version ahead)