sharing texture objects

I know that this topic was discussed often. But I didn’t find a solution for my problem.
I Have four rendering contexts in my application. Three contexts share their display lists with the first rendering context. This works fine for display lists. But if I want to display textures, these textures are not visible in all views. I also tried to switch to my ‘primary’ rendering context (the first one which is created) before calling glGenTextures(…) but with no success. Any ideas?

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If I recall correctly, ShareLists works with textures as well.

Don’t bother having multiple render contexts. Just create one GLRC and just make it current (followed by a makecurrent(null)) to all the DC of all your views, one after the other. This will give better performance in general (ie. with a single processor machine), and eliminate all this sharelists nonesense.

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