shadows effect

Hi everyone, today i want to discuss about shadow effects. Before this, i’v etried something that can produce a “fake shadow” and it still didn’t represent better, i’m just playin’ with textures, so if anyone that know 'bout it reply to me k.

the simplest solution is projecting the geometry on a plane

a less simple solution is projecting a texture on the geometry
<no link> (you basically render the geometry potentially in shadow twice with an altered texture matrix and the shadow texture).

a more complicated method is based on stencil shadows (z-pass stencil shadow)

an even more complicated algorithm uses depth buffers to solve the problems associated with projected texture.

an even even more complicated algorithm is based on John Carmack’s approach, z-fail stencil shadow, to solve issues with the z-pass stencil shadows

everything is covered in there

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