Shadow Maping..

Can anyone tell me a GOOD EASY to fallow tutorial on shadow mapping, that will work pretty much with any video card. I was looking into the method of compairing light possistions with the depth buffer. Anyone have a realy realy good tutorial sight?? Thanks its appreciated.

It’s not a tutorial, but I have an example on my website. If you ignore the parts about 16 and 24 bit shadow mapping, it’s not too complicated, and will work on just about any card with multitexture (needs EXT_texture_env_combine).

The site is at

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Thank you, i will check it out.


This is a little ot, but I was checking out your cell shading demo (very nice) and I was wondering how you do the lookup into the sharp lighting texture. I have a gf2 and I was wondering what extention supports this.



I guess he is just use the dot product (L dot N) as a texture coordinate to access the look up 1D texture.

ya… I’m not familiar with vertex programs, so I didn’t understand it. Last night I read up on vertex programs a little and I saw that you can calc the text coords on the fly. I got what he was doing confused with looking up into a texture per fragment (woops). I have a gf2 pro and I wanted to do env mapping. I think that’s the term. Using a normal map’s per fragment normal to lookup into a cube map of the surrounding env. I’ve seen it done, but I don’t know the extension used or if my card supports it. It makes really nice water.


Thats it. The vertex program does L Dot N and uses the result as the s texture coordinate to look into the texture. The per pixel reflection you are talking about is like my “Dot product reflect” demo, using NV_texture_shader. Unfortunately, this is not supported on GF2.

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Oh well, I’m always looking for some new fx to add to the game.

Thanks for the info…