shading lang specs

I downloaded a simple shading program:

TEMP temp;
ATTRIB tex0 = fragment.texcoord[0];
ATTRIB col0 = fragment.color;

PARAM pink = { 1.0, 0.4, 0.4, 1.0};

OUTPUT out = result.color;

TEX temp, tex0, texture[0], 2D;

MOV out, temp;

MUL out, col0,temp;
MUL out, temp, pink;

My problem is that I cannot find a documentaion for the instructions like TEX, MUL etc. or for any keywords. I already searched in GLSLangSpec.Full.1.10.59.pdf downloaded from this site, but no luck.
Does anyone know where I can find detailed specs?

This is not glSlang, so it´s no surprise you didn´t find it there.

It is a fragment program written in assembler.

Check out this extension .


Ok, but where I can find documentation about shaders written in assembler?

Check out the link i gave you.