Shader uniforms are zero even after uploading values

I wrote a basic shader implementing mvp transformation.But checking through renderDoc,it was observed that all values of shader values are zero even the model,view and projection matrix is all zero…I tested for a floating-point uniform, which also end up being zero.
few things to consider as a precondition before making any assumption.

1.shader is bound successfully,I checked for any invalid operation,which is also fine.
2.I checked through data being fed to be uploaded to uniforms…those are also valid…

Nothing is being uploaded into shader whatever I am uploading…

under the following precondition what could go wrong?
Thank you for your help…

Did you bind the shader program prior to setting the uniforms? Uniform state is part of the program object, and glUniform operates upon the current program.

Also: did the shader compile and link without errors?

yes shader was bound before setting uniform…Shader is working fine…without transformation…but when I apply uniform variables into operation ,thats where the problem arise…Make it true that,that shader is totally fine and working and bound before uploading…Thank you
This situation vexed me with blank screen when Implementing mvp matrix…After pretty long diagnostics,I decided to test my code with renderDoc…and renderDoc shows all uniform to be zero.

It’s sure that some code could help. Did you ensure that the uniform names are exactly the same in the shader and in your client code ?

This sounds familiar… I’m sure there could be various reasons for this to occur, and it’s dificult to say without seeing code… but I had a similar situation recently.

It’s important that you’re using the correct glUniform call for the type of shader uniform you’re populating. That should obviously go without saying, but this was exactly my mistake…

IIRC, I was using glUniform4f to populate a uniform variable of type ivec4 (or some variation of that)… The error is obvious in retrospect, but it took some digging to find my mistake.