Shader to create RGB Transition effect

hi friends,

I am new to Opengl es 2.0. In first week of use.

Can you tell me what manipulationof Fragment shader to have a RGB transition effect on the texture

for clear understanding watch first few seconds of this youtube video

Thank you guys for the help :slight_smile:

Hi Swathi,

Have you tried getting the individual red, green and blue colors in the shader using color.r, .g and .b, then do random translate while drawing your texture three times?


Ariesloo i did almost same. it created some random effect close to rbg effect and was cool.

Thank you very much for the help.

Now i am working on multi textures and trying to move one texture and keep one constant. dont know how to do? can you put some light on it.

how do i split the fragment and vertex shader. if i just use same vertex and coordinates and make number gl_position=att*uni for each texture and try to move one texture using estranslate its not moving or rotating.

thank you again :smiley:

Hi Swathi,

Great to hear that.:slight_smile:

Hmm if I have multiple texture handle IDs, for each texture bind and draw, i will update the translate matrix, so each texture will have its own positions. Thus my
gl_position will be something like gl_position = matrixTranslate * vertex;
So the same fragment and vertex shader is used.
Hope it helps?


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