Shader effects on mac

how do you manage? examples


ARB_fragment_program and ARB_vertex_program are supported, just as on the PC. GLSL isn’t yet hardware-accelerated, but Apple has said it’s a “high priority” for them, so hopefully it should turn up soon.

i have tried cg. works pretty good

I’ve had to manage with CG also. Nvidia just released CG 1.4 release candidate 1 which appears to perform better than 1.3 on my G5 computer. I’ve been able to compile cgfx files on my mac now … which might prove handy at some point. CG is sort of nice such that it will automatically profile the video card then compile on the fly with optimal instructions for it…

Still wish I had opengl 2 on my mac. Just have to let the big powers figure their situation out. :frowning:

You know what I really would like? I want something like:




You know an out of the box solution built in and backward compatible.

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