Setting up OpenGL

I am using MSVC++ Ver.6 on Windowns Me. I have downloaded all the files I needed and place them in the location and set linker in setting as specified in the FAQ section of this web page. But I still get LNK2001 error.
Are there any more settings that I have to change?


u have to set the Entrypoint symbol in project/settings/Link and select “output” from category and set Entry-point symbol to
one of the following:

#pragma comment (linker, “/ENTRY:mainCRTStartup”)
#pragma comment (linker, “/ENTRY:wmainCRTStartup”)
#pragma comment (linker, “/ENTRY:WinMainCRTStartup”)
#pragma comment (linker, “/ENTRY:wWinMainCRTStartup”)

dowwnload the file and read :

2.070 Why am I getting compile, link, and runtime errors?