Setting up OpenGL in VC++

Hello everyone, I am looking at working with OpenGL and C++ in order to create games/interactive animations. I have a reasonable knowledge og the C++ language. I am unsure of how to get OpenGL working with VC++. Many people have mentioned Glew, Glut etc. In all honesty I’m completely in the dark about what it is that’s essential to get me started and what all of the different libraries acctually do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much,

Oliver :smiley:

Well, I try to shed light on the issue.
I assume you have config vc correctly, as you say you are familae with gl and c++.
first of all, you will include head glew or glut, which are application libs you will use.
#include glew.h
#inclde glut.h…
your program.
*attention, the glew.h must locat in front of glut.h.
you start your console or windows prog as normal. then you use opengl statements in the prog,
when the prog sees the gl, or glut prefix commands, the opengl will be enterend to operate to call their libs. opengl opens a window to let you draw pictures,
opengl has opened a buffer, which is different from os itself.

You may want to take a look at the Getting Started wiki page.

Glut is a windowing toolkit and will help in creating an opengl window where you can draw. All of mentioned libraries are nothing but headers .lib and dll files. You can link your app with them and start development. I do have a glut based visual C project. I can send it if you want on email. Thanks