Setting Up FreeGlut and GLEW on Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2013

After numerous google searches there seems to be a major shortage of information on setting up these two products on Windows 8 and the latest Visual Studio. So far I’ve tried creating a folder and linking all of my projects properties to the folder (library folders are set in “Additional Library Directories”, dlls are in both system32 and in private folders that have been added to the path environment variable, and headers are in folders that have been set to the “Additional Include Directories”). All of this was included in the generic and old faq/install files that come with these two products so as far as I know I am doing everything right. In general I can get the freeglut functions to build however glew is throwing linker errors about not being able to find the dll (the include preprocessor definition was fine). If I take out the glew function calls and just test freeglut I get another exception saying that the dll was not found (however the project apparently builds just fine). Has anyone been able to successfully get the GLEW and FreeGlut libraries working on the Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2013? I’ve tried several different sets of instructions and can’t seem to get past this point. I’ve also had no luck asking in public stack exchanges dedicated to these kinds of tools. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Yes I am using vs 2012 and I also was scratching my head about this issue. I may be wrong but you have to include the glew.dll file in the same folder where your exe will reside. whether its a release build or a debug. you have to do this with SDL Glew and all of the extention packages. Also there is a good tutorial on youtube on how to set up OPENGl in windows using VS You can find the series here

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