setting hardware device

how do i get the hardware device list, so i can tell opengl to use the best hardware, or list them to the user and pass it over to opengl…

how do i ‘get’ then ‘link’ selected hardware to opengl?

It seems as though you were DirectX programmer. Anyway, I don’t think that this is possible with OpenGL. That’s because OpenGL is hardware independent, and even platform independent, and that’s what makes it portable. For that reason, OpenGL “isolates” you from hardware.

but i have a top 3D card, and the PC wont use it under OpenGL. i have run software useing OpenGL as the rendering system with my card.

so i wonderd if its a call i have to make, to set the render device ( as with DirectX ).

say i wont OpenGL to render in Software and not Hardware. Most games let you set this option for OpenGL. so there must be a way of say having 3 3DCards and letting the user pick the one they wont to use.

If the 3D card supports OpenGL then the manufacturer must provide a special dynamic link library that implements the OpenGL specifications. Choosing the DLL at runtime is like telling the system that you are going to render through this device.

cool handy indeed

but how do i get OpenGL to choose the DLL for my card at runtime?


If installed properly, the OpenGL driver will be used automatically by all applications.

  • Matt

You may want to check whether you have OpenGL drivers installed for your card.

Matt, stop reading from here, please !

This is valid for Windows NT but I know you can find the same thing under 9x.Open RegEdit and go to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\OpenGLDrivers

If you have an entry here (say a value named “RIVATNT” with a value of “nvoglnt”), it means you have a driver installed. If there is no such value, you should probably reinstall your drivers…

If you have such a key and no HW acceleration, then your application might be choosing a pixel format that is not accelerated… You should check that as well !