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I have known few about opengl1.1 , and now, i want to write some code with opengl1.3and up.
then ,I find my vedio driver(x300) is ‘atioglxx.dll’, (registry, H…\CurrentVersion\OpenGLDrivers)but I found no 'gl*'procedure in this dll. where to find the new driver lib? :confused:
I can find all 'gl*'procedure in opengl32.dll .
where can i got the new lib ? thanks

Use the wglGetProcAddress to get functions. atioglxx.dll is share for many cards with different sets of extensions, and so no export.

thanks, I can load opengl1.5 function now!
for more steps, How can wglGetProcAddress find the entity of these function? atioglxx.dll or anywhere to find them?
this days ,i’m reading quake3 code,
they had made a “qgl*” world of quake-self.and they once try to load all function from a dll .but it seemed only for few vedio card.

The entity in extension spec. on or The every extension in the spec. is string of extension name and set of new functions and definitions. You can to get all supported extension strings on your comp. For it use a glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS) after OpenGL window context initialization.

Ok, I don’t knew (quake3). In doom3 it is simple wglGetProcAddress.

EDIT: How to use Opengl 2.0 - URLs of extensions spec.

wglGetProcAddress is the right way to query functions, don’t worry about atioglxx.dll, that’s the ICD, your interface is through opengl32.dll. The fact that its talking to the ICD is transparent to you.

The quake3 “qgl” reference is to the mechanism built into the engine to wglGetProcAddress every OpenGL function, not just the extensions. This is just a convenience wrapper to hide the extension mechanism from the rest of the code.

Thanks two.
i think the ‘ICD’ should be what i study next.
Is it the only way to use opengl1.5~2.0 under MS-Windows?
In fact, I do not like MS$ ,just for no much choice.
Thanks again.
good luck!

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