Server / VM opengl rendering


I will explain the problem in 2 parts, in order you understand exactly what my problem is.

The context

I used After Effect, the result is nice but the rendering is so slow (1200 images in from 1 min to 2 mins).
My needs are to render a video the faster as possible, with the best quality (priority to acceptable performances).

I wrote a program with opengl, i converted the after-effect project in my own format, and the 1200 images are rendered in 0.8 secs (vs 60 secs of After Effect) on my computer (Windowless opengl, I work on Linux).

The problem

Now I would like to run the program on a server or a VM, in order to launch it via an API.
I managed to do a render in a VM on my computer with the following configuration:

  • vagrant
  • ubuntu/trusty64
  • nvidia-331 driver installed (allow opengl 2.1 sofware driver)
  • forward_x11 enabled

The problem is that I get 100ms per frame120secs to render my 1200 images.
I was told it was because the VM doesn’t use the graphic card, but only an opengl 2.1 software driver.
A second problem is that if I don’t enable the forward_x11, either I can’t do the render, either i get 1200 black images (with xvfb installed).

What I have is:

What is want is:

My question:
How could I manage to use my program in a VM with the CG ? (in term of vm configuration and specific development)
And on a server (not in VM) ?