Seriously Looking for an online OpenGL teacher


my name is jamus, I’m doing a max/msp project which uses openGL… I’m extremely motivated to find an online teacher of openGL. i’m hoping if your reading this you could point me in the right direction or maybe even hook me up with some online lessons, e-mail me at let me know how much $/ hour would be good if you might be interested. We can use skype and shared desktop (logmein) to do lessons from anywhere. I have a very flexible schehdule,all time zones are welcome 2

hope this is okay to post
thanks for your time!

forgot to mention that it doesn’t need to be max/msp… thats just the language I have experience with. The project I want to do is to create multi-dimensional symmetry from music… and vice versa. I have a simple little algo to do this which I need some help programming. The programming should be easy too do with openGL, … OpenGL fits into max/msp really easy, simple conversion bewtween the C++ calls and max/msp/jitter, or if you might have C++ experience I wouldn’t mind learning that either


A good place to start is They have plenty of quick and easy OpenGL tutorials. Another great place is for OpenGL video tutorials. I don’t know much about max/msp, or how you plan on using OpenGL for audio, but you might want to check out OpenAL which is a free cross-platform 3D audio library that is extremely easy to use. I don’t know where good OpenAL tutorials are but honestly you don’t need any, the included documentation gives you enough info to get up and running. These are of course in C++, which, if you don’t have previous experience, it’s a steep learning curve. OpenGL and OpenAL are libraries so I’m sure someone somewhere has bindings to max/msp. Hope this helps.