Series 60 2nd Edition SDK for Symbian OS, Supporting FP2

SDK is out in and supports Nokia 6630 which has on-device OpenGL ES implementation and M3G implementation.


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I download the S60 2nd Ed. FP2 Beta, and I try
to compile and run your sample program described in your OpenGL ES specific presentation in the DevU.

When I run the program I get this message:

Program closed: PROVA KERN-EXEC 3

(Where PROVA is the name of the application)

I don’t know what’s the problem,
I only put this line in the container.h

and filled the glDrawElements:

Thanks in advance for the reply.

KERN-EXEC 3 is generated by incorrect memory accessess (alignment error, out of page), division by zero,…

It is impossible to tell what is wrong without seeing the whole code.

Non-beta version of the FP2 SDK (has been in forum Nokia for couple of weeks now) comes with ~10 OpenGL ES examples with source code and relevant documentation (in the SDK help).

Take a look at those. If you have problems related to those examples or in general, post feedback in the Forum Nokia developer forums.



I went to the Nokia Forum site, but I didn’t find a Non-beta version for Visual C++, I find one for CodeWarrior, I don’t know if it’s work with Visual C++… or I must waiting for the specific version ?

Bye !


Even though only the Metrowerks version can be downloaded at the moment, the SDK documentation (and examples) are still included in that release.



Is it correct that the OpenGL ES implementation on the Nokia 6630 is developed by Hybrid?

Our app is running OK on older devices (ngage, 6600), but trying it on 6630 wasn’t so successful. It’s very slow and colors are not right, red and blue seem to be switched (RGB->BGR).

Any insight on this?

Hege, do you use 5-6-5 frame buffer? You should use the frame buffer format that matches the display format. Performance should be good (at least on target, on emulator it actually runs slower than on actual HW) if you do that.


I was using 8-8-8, now switched to 5-6-5. It seemed to have improved the speed somewhat, but the colors are still off. The sky is red, which is kind of cool, but not exactly what we want :wink:

I’ll test this more later and see if I can replicate this with simpler applications.

Ok, you were right, the problem was in the initialization. Now that do it like the SDK documentation shows, it’s working. Previously I specified EGL_RED_SIZE, EGL_GREEN_SIZE, EGL_BLUE_SIZE, now I use just EGL_BUFFER_SIZE.


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