Separate coordinate arrays for glVertexPointer.

Hi, I have a large number of arrays of shorts that I want to display as a graph, i.e.

short xCoord[LOTS] = // … all my data. I have lots of these.

short yCoord[LOTS] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5…} // And this is fixed.

Is there a way to call glVertexPointer() (or something) so that I can display a line strip with these coordinates without having to interleave the arrays?

I’m guessing not (at least without writing a shader or something) but maybe I’m wrong.


No, unless you use a simple vertex shader. So what is the problem about using shaders? Vertex shaders are supported on virtually every hardware you would want to support today…

You can do that if you write a vertex shader and use two vertex streams. That’s really quite simple, and the recommended way to do it.