Selection in wireframe mode

Hi All,

Does anybody know if the following is a standard behaviour of OpenGL Selection?

  1. I draw my 3D object using gl.PolygonMode(gl.FRONT_AND_BACK, gl.LINE)
  2. I click inside a triangle but not on its edges
  3. The object is selected

I thought this was normal in gl.FILL mode but not with gl.LINES one.

What do you think?



Section 5.2 on selection, page 237, in the 2.1 specification.

[…], but selection is based on the polygon itself, regardless of the setting of PolygonMode.

Section 3.5.4 on polygon mode, page 111, consistently speak about rasterizing the polygon’s edges/vertices as lines/points in the non-default polygon mode. Since selection is purely a geometrical selection, rasterization does not affect selection.

So conclusion; it’s the correct behaviour.

Thanks a lot Bob!