Select a object

Is there a method to select an object with the mouse and change his position ?

well it is not that easy that you can do it all with one or two function calls.

you have to switch in a different render mode. sort of offscreen, but i can’t remember the syntax. then you can use glu-stuff like glupick…
the modification of the position you have to do yourself.
if you want to have an example give me a mail and i try to send you my example from superbible2, though i am sure that there are enough examples on the net.


Here my mail: Your help will be very useful for me. Thank you !

What you want to do is called ‘picking’. Any OpenGL reference (e.g. red book, Superbible) will have the information you seek.

Look in Selection & Feedback section of any OpenGL book. I use OpenGL Programming Guide - Third Edition