Seeking Advice for Apple XCODE 4 OSX project


This is my first post. I am testing the waters to see if folks are friendly around here. I have come here to seek knowledge and advice. I am working on a CAM program that I am writing by myself. I have been programming in Objective-C for 5 years now, and I am comfortable using XCODE. I have 8 iOS apps on the Apple Store and I have done some freelancing work as well. So far, none of my programs have involved OPENGL but the time has come for me to start.

CAM is short for COMPUTER AIDED MANUFACTURING or COMPUTER AIDED MACHINING. I am focused on the MACHINING side. The program I am trying to write is similar to MASTERCAM. This program, however, is for the Mac. It may run on iOS someday, but not right now.

Anyway, the graphics will be minimalistic but I am looking forward to a steep learning curve. I have thought of hiring somebody, but my funds are limited, and even so good help is HARD TO FIND.

In the future, would I be wise to just post code and ask for help, or is this the kind of place where I will most likely just get flamed? I’m trying to get a feel for what I can reasonably ask here, and if people are willing to help.

Also, if there are some members that may want to look at the project, I may be willing to share it with the right candidates, if the vibe is right.

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