Seeing inside Skybox

Hey I need help with displaying a skybox in your scene.

I created a absolute skybox using 6 textures however I am unable to see the textures if I am inside of the box. I can see the textures fine from the outside and I suspected that it may be a lighting issue however placing lights inside of the skybox was to no avail.

For each quad (or triangle), reverse the order of vertices.
Ex. if it was vertex 1 then vertex 2 then vertex 3 ; you should use vertex 1 then 3 then 2.
Secondly, you should glDisable(GL_LIGHTING) before drawing skybox, and glEnable(GL_LIGHTING) after if needed.

Thanks for the help. Looks like I defined my vertices in the incorrect order.

for the lazy
2 sided lighting to the rescue

Come on, never light a skybox !
Disabling lighting did not work ?