Security inter program content

Being able to have better security by explicitly being able to determine what applications can read data from what other applications.

If something asks data from not it’s own rendering context but from another that’s not shared. The driver needs to check a list of what programs are allowed to do that. If the program attempting, asking is not in the list, this needs to be asked to the user. With an Yes/No and an extra checkboxes do this for this program always and let this program access all programs always.
This capability is necessary for debugging, since you need information about data.
Or virtualization, sandbox, sharing data or other situations may also ask this.

Please, stop posting such meaningless proposals!

But this could be a nice proposal for a web master, to prevent starting new threads on “Suggestions for the next release of OpenGL” for newcomers. It is very unlikely that someones first post could be a useful hint for the next release. The undoubted proof of this are all recent posts in this section.