Secondary Colour Array Crash

Does anybody know of any just cause for a crash in glDrawElements when all I’ve done is enabled the secondary colour array with a perfectly legal pointer (with the same number of elements as the primary colour array)?
This is on a GeForce2 with the detonator3 drivers.
I’m trying to use the secondary colour array to pass the packed vertex normals for use in my register combiners - but it crashes even with the reg combiners disabled.
God, this crash has me bamboozeled.
If you have come up against any problems with the secondary colour array, then put me out of my misery.

Are you shure that you created your Pointer the correct way ?
Cause the secondaryColor Pointer can only take colors of the size of 3. At least the docs say :
INVALID_VALUE is generated if SecondaryColorPointerEXT parameter <size> is not 3.


Bloody hell! Yes, thanks, that’s sorted it out. No alpha allowed?! Weird…