Searching for complete OpenGL-1.3+ docs..


After some time I think I start to understand openGl

Anyway, the pdf-doc about OpenGL1.4 isnt useful for me, I?m searching a documentation with is mainly a apidoc but with some simple and short exapmles.
I?ve downloaded stuff calles “blue-book” and its really O.K., although its still OpenGL1.0-1.1 and I need newer Functions like “glCopyTexImage2D” which arent included there.

Does anybody know a good place where to find such docs?

Thanks a lot, openGL is great!
lg Clemens

You should already have the OpenGL 1.2 man pages installed on your linux system. Simular documentation for more recent versions does not exist as far as I know. You have to look at the samples and presentations from the hardware manufacturers.