SDL problems


beginning this week I tried to use SDL in stead of glut, but I had no luck getting exactly the same:

When recompiling my “volcano” with SDL, the display was rotated 180 degrees around the Y axis and then mirrored around it too. Real weird.
I use a zoom value that was -5.0 (value is not that important) and so for SDL I had to change this to 5.0. to see the volcano but is was the wrong side front and mirrored.
Why is this? I use the exact same gl…() calls to init the window and stuff.

I allso have another prob with SDL. Useing a P2-350 with a Matrox G200, the events reacted after a few seconds after happening. Not too enjoyable for keyboard/mouse resposiveness. And I couldn’t see anything at all. After fiddeling around, the prog just hanged my computer completely! (prob. glx that’s crashing?).
With my own AMD K3-450 with a Riva128 the keyboard and mouse reacted just fine but the view was the wrong way around as described.

any ideas to fix the screen flipping and rotating as it should be?